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Weight-loss Coaching

Tired of not losing weight? You are NOT alone. I’ve lost 35+ pounds and kept it off for over 5 years. I’ve then gained weight with babies and had to lose it again. I’ve struggled after baby #3 to get back to my goal weight. I’ve had the mental battles as I see the cellulite and the belly that just isn’t shrinking. So I get it. I’m a busy momma of 3 and I know both the struggle and the way to break through.

Through providing one on one coaching, accountability, support, tips and motivation, I have helped 200+ women lose weight and keep it off. This is not a fad diet or crazy workout plan. This is you and me. One on one. Getting real about what’s going on.

This is for the woman who is ready to make a change, ready to find her confidence again, and ready to win the battle with her weight once and for all.

Strength & Dignity Coach:

Here’s the deal. You are a strong woman. You are capable of many things. But do you ever find yourself feeling like you are losing your mind trying to keep up with the kids and everything else have to do? Not to mention all the things you WANT to do?

How would it feel to you know you had a plan to not only take care of your family, but also reach those other goals you have?

As a coach I help you identify what you really want and how to move forward to get it. I help you keep things in balance so you are feeling good and fulfilled spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

“…She is clothed in strength & dignity…”

Topics often discussed are:

Self Care & Understanding, Fitness, Health, Spiritual Development, Purpose, Kids, Weight Loss, Family Management,  Social & Community Relationships/Dynamics, Goal Setting, Finances, Household Management, Work Life, Life Transitions, Starting a Business, or Coaching through a specific project.

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What others say about Sarah

“Sarah is an incredible person from the inside out. She is strong physically and in character. She not only encourages others to pursue health and wellness, but she puts it in into action in her own life. Her passion for people is so apparent in her everyday life. I am so blessed to have her as my coach, mentor, and friend.”
Natalie, Fitness Coach, Mom of Three
I met Sarah in 2011. I had started a few new programs (Turbofire and Chalean Extreme). I had so many questions on diet, exercise, the scale, calories burned etc….and I really needed the support. You see, I started at a weight of 243 and a size 20. At the weight of 243, I was so depressed and stressed. I could not play on the floor with my adopted son as my knees and everything else ached. Sarah kept me motivated to carry on and push through. I am now rocking 143 and a size 4 dress pant! Sarah is so motivational and supportive! Thanks Sarah! Love ya!
Trish, Mom of Two, Lost 100 pounds

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