What are the Beachbody Coach Rank Qualifications?


RANK DEFINITIONS for Beachbody Coaches:

Emerald Rank – $14 per cycle
You + 2 Coaches, one on each side, are all active w/50pv in the last 35 days

Ruby Rank – $16 per cycle
You + 2 Emerald Coaches + 1 additional active on each side

(You have to be active with at least 75 pv every 35 days, 25 of which from customer orders. If you’ve been accumulating customers via Customer Ld Program, pv’s are EASY to meet)

Diamond Rank – $18 per cycle
Same as above, PLUS, 3 additional active coaches on each side. (You have to be active with at least 100 pv every 35 days, 50 of which are from customer orders.)

1 Star **Diamond** Rank– YOU + 1 qualified Diamond Coach + 10 add’l active on each side but your Diamond Coach counts as well; 200 PV for you; 100 of that pv coming from customer orders;

2 Star **Diamond** Rank– You +2 qualified Diamond Coaches; 1 each in your Right and Left legs + 12 add’l actives on each side but your Diamond coaches count as well; 200 PV for you; 100 of that coming from customer orders.

5 Star ***Diamond** Rank– You + 5 qualified Diamond Coaches; 3 in one Leg and 2 in the other + 3 add’l actives on each side; 200pv for you; 100 of which are coming from customers; (Cycle- is in reference to the amount you make on your team cycle.) If you want to start your personal Beachbody Business please contact me and I will get you started.  

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