How many calories are burned during TurboFIRE, HIITs, and ChaLEAN Extreme?

PicwithChalene How many calories are burned during TurboFIRE, HIITs, and ChaLEAN Extreme?

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How many calories do I burn using TurboFIRE or ChaLEAN Extreme?

I am 5'9'', 150 pounds, and in good shape to give you an idea about me. You will burn differently based on your body. I use a Body Bugg to measure how many calories I burn.

Calories I burn doing TurboFIRE:

TurboFIRE Starter Workout: 38 minutes long, burned 304 calories.
Low HIIT 20: 19 minutes long, burned 128 calories.
Low HIIT 25: 22 minutes long, burned 144 calories.

HIIT 15: 125 (calories)
HIIT 20: 155
HIIT 25: 200
HIIT 30: 280
Greatest HIIT's: 178

FIRE 30: 260
FIRE 45ez: 360 (this is now labeled Fire 40 as of 5/13)
FIRE 45: 380
FIRE 55ez: 450 (I love all the ab work at the end of this one!)
FIRE 60: 500

TONE 30: 136
UPPER 20: 103
SCULPT 30: 148
LOWER 20: 125
CORE 20: 128
ABS 10: 45
STRETCH 40: 127
STRETCH 10: 47

Calories I burn doing ChaLEAN Extreme:

BURN 1: 196 (calories)
BURN 2: 253
BURN 3: 223

PUSH 1: 159
PUSH 2: 187
PUSH 3: 153

LEAN 1: 157
LEAN 2: 144
LEAN 3: 156


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These are my two favorite workout programs OF ALL TIME. I like to do a hybrid of the two to get the best of both worlds, fun cardio and a personal trainer at home. (This explains the differences between these two programs.)

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If you have been doing TurboFIRE or ChaLEAN Extreme for a while and LOVE it, this may be your next step


  1. Melissa says:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing your results. You were the first search result for my "calorie burn for turbo fire hiit".

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sarah, I came across your site while browsing around the web looking at ChaLean based stuff. love reading your personal experiences! My family and I live in Thailand, so we're over here on your side of the world :). I've been doing ChaLean for a few years now, and then got TurboFire a few months ago. Love them both! I have a friend here who does them with me, and we have a great time together. I had surgery recently and put on a few pounds since I couldn't exercise for 2 months. I am trying to be careful with what I eat. I just got a Polar Ft4 and am loving seeing how many calories I burn during the workouts. The problem is that I am trying to stick to a 1,340 calorie diet each day (but adjust it based on what the Ft4 says I've burned), but I often find that I am still REALLY hungry, especially from 3 pm on. I find that if I eat enough to fill me up and really make me feel good, then I've technically gone over my calorie allowance for the day. How can I figure out what I'm really burning? Am I burning MORE than during the actual workout? I think I am…but how do you tell?? I do want to lose a few pounds, but I also want to feel good in the process and be healthy. I'm sorry…this is long…do you have any tips, insights?? Thanks for reading :). SANDRA

  3. @ Melissa I totally didn't know you had a blog! Now I have to check it out!!!
    @ Sandra! I LOVE Thailand! We'll be back there in Feb to enjoy the sun! You can email me at sarahlfailla @ g to answer some of these questions but how tall are you and how much do you weigh? Without knowing the answer to those question my first thought is that 1340 is not enough. Esp if you have done CLX for a while now your body needs fuel for the muscle that you have added and then to add in FIRE with the crazy cardio is crazy. Have you ever worn your f4 all day? Or like 14 hrs for a few days in a row? I used to do that to get an idea of what I was burning and (I'm tall) but usually would average well over 2200 cals a day. The best way to know for sure is the bodybugg, but it's more expensive so maybe try that for a week and see what kind of numbers come up. Bc you will burn more all day with doing these workouts- the afterburn is crazy. So nice to meet you! (I do eat small meals throughout the day and try to find ones that are filling esp late afternoon like you as i can get really hungry so that's when I drink shakeology.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sarah, thanks for your thoughts! I sent you an email, but i've been having problems with getting emails out and in, so I'm not sure if you received it. Let me know if you didn't get it and I'll try again :). Thanks! SANDRA

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this!!!!! I am 5'9 and weigh 140 so I believe our calorie burn is comparable!!!! I am keeping track of fitness on my fitness pal and I had to add turbo fire I took your excat calorie burn because of our simular measurments!!!
    thank you thank you thank you YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for your blog!! It has helped me a lot except that I have not been losing any weight?? Is this possible? I have since ordered the Ft4 and am hoping that will help. I quit smoking January1 and weighed 125lbs..since then I have been eating extremely healthy and about 1400 cals/day. I have put on almost 15lbs?? Nothing fits me and I am VeRy frustrated!! Any suggestions? Thx Sara

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing! I'm just a little confused…what do you mean: "@ 1 hr burned 319 cals"…?

  8. You're welcome! Just means that I would leave my watch on to see the after-burn so I may have only burned X amount during the workout but then I was still burning at a higher rate for the time immediately following! :-)

  9. Lisa Marcia says:


    So your watch (even BB) calculates the after burn?? Cool stuff! Thanks for this blog!

  10. @Sarah,

    Thanks so much for posting this! I just got Turbo Fire and LOVED the workout, but was so dissapointed in what my HRM recorded as my calorie burn! Just finished Fire 30 and it said I only burned 140 calories! I'm 5'4 and 122 lbs and I'd like to think of myself as in good shape so I was so upset when I felt like I got such a great workout! I'm beginning to think its my HRM (I have a 3 year old New Balance and sometimes it gives me shifty results – as in my heart rate dropped supposedly from 140 to 70 then back to 125 during the workout and I never really felt like I stopped). Anyway, I appreciate you posting these stats. You're much taller than me so I'm sure our numbers would be a bit different but I watched your video and I would say our intensity was about the same so I *HOPE* it's my HRM. Just ordered a Polar FT4 so I'm hoping that gives me more accurate results! Thanks again for this!


  11. Hey sarah i just started doing turbo fire and i incorporated some brazil butt lift im like 242 lbs so im really overweight and i found brazil was harder than turbo? i thought that was weird but turbo fire is supposed to make you burn calories long after your done working out right? so is that way im always EXTREMELY hungry?

  12. Hey Peyton, if you have email i can email you as well…you can get mine from In what ways did you find it harder? Cardio, strength, etc…I find they do work different muscles and the fact I have no rhythm makes it hilarious to watch. They are both great programs and so I would say keep going with them. The HIIT workouts that came with FIRE are what keep you burning more throughout the day (and those are also the short 'fire drills' in the reg TurboFire workouts. And I'm sure that's why you are hungry- and from adding muscle. When I do Tone/Sculpt or ChaLEAN Extreme I'm SO hungry. Why I love meal replacement shakes! :-) I'd love to hear about your progress!

  13. yeah i have an email ill email you and then you can have mine.. well nvm here it is

    hmm i think it was like both cause my legs started burning hmm like the hamstrings? i think theyre called? but i was also like.. dying literally i couldnt breathe lol maybe hiit was easier and the fire cause its fast and it goes by

    but something im concerned about is that in general both of them are so quick and im not getting the movements as fast and im worried that since im trying to keep up ill hurt myself cause im not doing the form right and id love to keep in touch with you, ive tried over and over to change my lifestyle and i want this one to be the most successful so id like support

  14. Hey gurlie! This is SUNRIZING from sparkpeople. great youtube video. You are great at this, pat yourself on the back! I love how your house looks so normal too! I feel like Im at home with my buds watching you! Your husband reminds me of Bobby- my husband would do and say some of the same things! Too bad you live on the other side of the planet! LOL we could all be friends, hhahahaha. Anyways, great job! You have officially motivated me to "keep it up". My goal to reach before 2012— Is to lose that last 10 peskie pounds and gain some more muscle [I'd like to be able to at least do 10 push ups- seesh, lol.] cya round!

  15. Anna Manke says:

    Hi Sarita, Nice website!
    Thanks for the calorie break down. It's nice to be able to go off of something. 
    I added it to my fitness pall app (a calorie tracker) which will make things so much easier. 
    Anyways, well done girl. I like how your site looks. 

  16. Sarah,
    I've been doing Turbo Fire on and off for a few months now, and just got back into it, hopefully for good this time as long as I can stay motivated. Its great to see your video. Your husband really does remind me of mine, who says that I'm crazy for doing such intense cardio. But the whole "afterburn effect" really interests me. Thanks for posting your calorie burns – I'm also 5'10" but we have very different builds. I've always been pretty curvy, and never weighed less than 160 in my adult life, but right now I'm at about 195 and working to get this weight off for good. Your video has really inspired me to video myself and see what I look like doing the workout, so i can analyze my intensity afterward. Thanks for the idea and the great post!
    Also, I am really loving as a calorie/nutrition tracker. Its totally free to make a profile. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to loose weight. It even has a smartphone app you can download.

    • sarahfailla says:

      Yeah that’s a great website- thanks for adding it. I’ve been on Sparkpeople for a while now and have made amazing friends to keep me motivated. You know I used to think that I could never weigh less than 160. Like I really believed that I couldn’t. I thought 163-165 was do-able. So as you can imagine I about died when the scale said 159 for the first time. I think that’s also one reason it was good that I didn’t have this ‘goal’ weight in mind. It allowed me to cherish every 5 pound drop because after I finally got below 170 everything was seen as AMAZING!!! I would cherish- 165. Then like I said died when I saw 159. Then 155. I was at 148 at my lowest but 150-152 is where I stay pretty naturally now. For me it’s usually always about my eating when I see the scale moving up again! Turbo can totally get you the results you are looking for! And isn’t it just so much fun?!!!

  17. Hi Sarah!!  I am in week 2 of the CLX/TF hybrid.  I love CLX!!  The turbo fire is the one I'm struggling with.  Im fiding that I take more time trying to figure out what Im doing vs actually doing the workout.  How long does it take to get the moves?  Im trying not to get discouraged!!

    • sarahfailla says:

      Angie, have you done TurboFIRE before this or are you starting them both new together? When I first started TurboJam (before FIRE was out) it did take me a while. But I am seriously challenged when it comes to coordination?!!? But really, if you give it some more time, even by week 4 it will start making sense. And then you also can keep building the intensity as you really start to hone in on the moves and are able to focus on doing them right rather than just figuring out what it is you are supposed to be doing?! Have you done the ‘new to class’ option? That may help as well. I love talking Turbo so feel free to ask away! I’m close with you in schedule right now too- I’m starting week 2 tomorrow. (But I don’t know how many rounds I’ve done already!)

      • I have donteCLX but am new to turbofire.  I did dance for 8 years and use to be a zumba addict but I cant seem to get these moves.  I did do the new to class which was very helpful with the fire 30 but no so much with the 45ez.  Also I worry that the new to class takes so long that my HR falls too much between the breaks.  I really think I would love TF if I could just pick up the moves.  Maybe I am too hard on myself and need to give it more time.  The HIIT/firedrills arent even on the schedule yet I just picked a couple to do for more cardio.  Thank you so much for your input!!!

        • sarahfailla says:

          You will be fine! If you’ve done dance and Zumba you will def get this, it’s just a different type of stuff. But you will start to know the counts and everything and when new moves are coming! And even if your heart falls during the ‘new to class’ see it as more of an interval or even just do it a few times aside from your schedule to just be able to focus. I love the HIIT’s! Keep me posted on how it’s going for you!

  18. Also- what does the fire 45 ez and burn it off burn???

    • sarahfailla says:

      Guess I’m busted right?! I think the 45 and 45ez weren’t my favs! (Well, the kicking in 45 hurts my hip so I just chose to do 55ez or 30 whenever it was scheduled…) I’ll look back through my old logs and add it! And if I can’t find it then this week I will do both and get posted for you!

      • No worries!!  I think Im just going to have to get a bodybugg.  I have a new balance HRM but its not real accurate. 

        • sarahfailla says:

          Yeah I loved my Polar F4 but after getting the Bugg I realized that it wasn’t that accurate in how many calories I burn. It was better than nothing but it also overestimated how much I was burning.

  19. Stephanie says:

    Hi Sarah,
         This is so great I've been trying to figure out how many calories I'm burning. I just finished my second week of TF. Week one I lost 5 lbs. week two lost zero and I'm feeling like giving up. I'm not really sure how many calories I should be eating I was eating between 1300-1380 and I'm thing thats not enough. Can you please help me?? Thank you

    • sarahfailla says:

      Oh girl don’t give up!!! IF you lost 5 pounds in the first week it’s really normal that you won’t lose any the second week. Especially when starting a new workout program there are so many body changes happening and water retention is usually ALWAYS happening which will cause the scale to go up. So if yours has gone down and staying there just keep going and in time it will all come together. Do a quick google search and you will find several calculators to tell you how much you should be eating for your body type- I would use a couple and compare what they say to you. It won’t be the same as using a Bodybugg or anything but they can be really close. And at leas you can see if they all say eat 1400 or something then you can add in more calories! :-)

  20. peterona says:

    I hav been doin turbofire 4 8 weeks n luv it but didnt think my body shape had changed, got my husband to take photos 4 my tracker results 2nite n woz over the moon at how id changed from my photos 8 wks ago even tho ive weight which i assume is muscle !! Thanx chalene c u in class 2 morro

    • sarahfailla says:

      That is SO awesome! I love having pictures bc even if the scale may not show our hard work the pictures do!

  21. Sabrina Theel says:

    I love to combine the HIIT workouts with the strength training workouts of ChaLEAN Extreme. I'm curious about your hybrid of the Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme. Are you willing to share?

    • sarahfailla says:

      Hi Sabrina! I have actually never followed the one that is in the TurboFIRE book, I’ve always made it up as I go with the base being ChaLEAN Extreme weights on M/W/F. If I had more time on M/W/F I would try to add in a quick HIIT on that day as well or do abs. Then on T/TH I would do a longer cardio from FIRE or something like FIRE 30 + Abs. I found that 6x a week was too much for me so I always try to squeeze it into 5x a week. And then with being able to choose which cardio I do at least there was some sort of freedom within a general schedule so I wouldn’t start to feel crazy.

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