How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Les Mills Pump?

How many calories doing you burn doing Les Mills Pump? This is what I burn and you will burn differently according to your height and weight. Also, with Les Mills Pump you have the wildcard factor that you can add as much weight as you want which will also change how much you are burning! But for an idea, I am 5’9” and weigh 155. (I actually gained a couple pounds during this program, one more reason to throw the scale away!!!)

Pump Challenge– 20 minutes, burned 90-120 calories.
Weights ranged from 5-12.5 pounds on each side.

Pump and Burn– 30 minutes, burned 113-136 calories.
Weights ranged from 5-15 pounds on each side.

Pump and Shred– 45 minutes, burned 188-191 calories.
Weights ranged from 5-15 pounds on each side.

Pump Revolution– 55 minutes, burned 237- 251 calories. (You will LOVE this one, just wait!!!)
Weights ranged from 5-20 pounds on each side.

Pump Extreme– 55 minutes, burned 243- 257 calories.
Weights ranged from 5-17.5 pounds on each side.
(9/24- I did Extreme today and upped my weights on lunges, squats, & shoulders and burned 289 calories! So there are many factors that play into how much you will burn!)

Flow & Hard Core Abs– Both are 20 minutes and I haven’t tracked calories burned because they are so chill. I do usually do them after cardio so that my heart rate is already up.

Sports Attack– 30 minutes, burned 258-279 calories.

Step– 30 minutes, burned 220 calories. (Within 10 minutes of finishing I was already at 253 calories burned!) I used two risers with the step.

Combat– 45 minutes, burned 313 calories. (You do know that this October a whole new Combat program is available for pre-order?! Write me if you want details!)


What’s Next? It’s up to you! You can do another round of Pump, adding more weight to increase your strength. If you love Combat you can order it to mix things up a little.  (The Combat, Step, and Sports Attack videos I mention above are part of the deluxe package.)

Your next step may be that you consider becoming a Beachbody Coach yourself. If you love this program and others we offer: P90X, Insanity, TurboFIRE, 21 Day Fix, and many more it may be something really fun for you. Or you may love Shakeology and want it at a discounted price. As a coach you would be able to encourage others in their health journey and at the same time keep yourself accountable.  Talk to your coach about it, and if you don’t have one then contact me, being a coach is really fun for myself and my team.

Here is why I became a coach:

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