How many calories do you burn doing TurboFIRE?

Turbo FIRE is a super fun workout. It incorporates great music, some dancy kickboxing and a TON of standing ab work. I have been doing this program for over 3 years now and it’s still my go-to all time favorite!

If you haven’t purchased TurboFIRE yet or if you have it but would like to be a part of a group for accountability, reserve your spot in my next Accountability Group and/or 1:1 Coaching. If you have finished TurboFIRE and loved it and are looking for the next step this may be for you.

How many calories do you burn during a TurboFIRE workout?

Granted it is going to be different for everyone, but this will give you a general idea of how many calories you can burn.

I am 5’9”, 150 pounds, and in good shape to give you an idea about me. You will burn differently based on your body. I use a Body Bugg to measure how many calories I burn.

(If you are doing the hybrid with ChaLEAN Extreme you can find a complete list of calories burned for both workout programs here.)

Calories I Burned doing TurboFIRE:

TurboFIRE Starter Class: 304 calories
Low HIIT 20: 128
Low HIIT 25: 144

HIIT 15: 125 (calories)
HIIT 20: 155
HIIT 25: 200
HIIT 30: 280
Greatest HIIT’s: 178 (It’s 20 minutes long.)

TurboFIRE 30: 260
FIRE 45ez: 360 (Is now labeled FIRE 40)
FIRE 45: 380
FIRE 55ez: 450 (I love all the ab work at the end of this one!)
FIRE 60: 500

TONE 30: 136
SCULPT 30: 148
UPPER 20: 103
LOWER 20: 125
CORE 20: 128
ABS 10: 45
STRETCH 40: 127
STRETCH 10: 47

(If you love Chalene as much as I do here are some pictures of a recent dinner at her house!)


– Sarah





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SARAH!!! You have some serious guns girl!!! 🙂 What is the difference in the heart rate monitor watch and body bugg. Does the heart rate monitor watch not have the ability to track your calories all day or you just dont like to wear it all the time? What and how much is a body bugg?


Love your top quote by the way, dont know if that is new or not, I usually read your posts through google reader,, but had to come to the actual page to comment.


Hey Teena! I've been updating the look of my blog so haven't had the quote but it's perfect for life right?! So the HRM watch I use can be worn for long periods of time. I have worn it for 14-16hr for several days to just try and see what I am burning. I've worn it at night but because it uses chest strap to track HR it usually moves when I sleep so the # isn't accurate by morning. It's a great way to start out. It's much cheaper than the BodyBugg, (like they wear on Biggest loser and here's a clip about it~ but not as accurate. The other downside to the BB is that you do have to have a subscription online. For me the change is only coming because the way I like to workout now I want to really know what I am burning so that I can keep my metabolism as high as possible, fuel my workouts and avoid under eating. I've been using the f4 for over 3 years and have loved it. 🙂


hi sarah !
i just wanted to ask you ( i'm 15 years old and i play turbo fire but some times i feel dizzy when i do it and i usually eat 2 hours before i play .. is that a side effect because im under 18 ??


Roaa~ how much do you eat before? I usually eat about 1/2 hr before but I know everyone is diff. Also maybe depends on what your fitness level is? I'm not a dr but I don't think your age would have to do with it as I used to do sports in high school and we did crazy cardio training. I find that if I work out too early in the morning i get light headed easier- mainly with the hiits bc they are so crazy. Are you eating enough through-out the day as well? If you want to email me you can through bc there are many factors that can contribute to it.


ok sarah thanks .. i don't eat much .. half the plate filed with vigies and 1-4 meat 1-4 carbs just like the catalog that have been tracked with turbo fire . and should i drink the turbo fire shakes?


Hello! I am a Chalean addict! I have all the workouts except the ones with the stability ball. It would be awesome if someone donated that Workout dvd set to me. Lol! Thanx for the calorie burn breakdown. I use my heart rate monitor every time, but still don't know how to calculate my calories burned. I am doing the Turbo Fire & Chalean Xtreme Hybrid. I will be on day three tomorrow, which is a rest day.


@roaa can you email me? maybe that can help bc to know what you weigh and all that can play into what you need to eat and such…my email is

@Shyrita- that's awesome. how long have you been doing turbo? what i did often with my HRM is wear it for 12-14 hrs for a few days just to get an idea of how much I was burning. More for fear of not eating enough to properly fuel my workouts. Enjoy the hybrid! I'm mixing it up again and started my own version of the hybrid again this week!


ok sara i've just sent you an e-mail 😀


I've been doing turbo jam with my mom and loved it, so I convinced her to get Turbofire because it looked more extreme and fun. So we got it but I don't own a heart rate monitor so I don't actually know how many calories I'm burning. I'm 16 and weigh 125,  online they tell me to eat 1300 cals to maintain my weight and 1200 to lose weight. Losing weight isn't necessarily my concern though, more about just tightening up my stomach.  So I was wondering if there was a way I could tell how much I burn so I know how much to eat after and before my workouts. I don't want to over eat, or under eat.  How much is a HRM? do you recommend one for my age?  Thanks

May 25, 2012 5:30 pm

Hey Girl!
That’s fun- I started out with Jam and then moved on to FIRE as well. Are you enjoying FIRE? The only true way to tell how many calories you are burning is to use some sort of device to track it for you. A general HRM will give you an idea, it will mostly likely run a little higher than what you are actually burning but I used one for years before I ever upgraded to the BodyBugg. My upgrading was how I realized my HRM was reading high. I used the Polar f4. So it’s up to you- the Bugg is more $$ so if you want to just have something to start and to get a general idea I think something like the Polar would work for you- also because you are just trying to tone up. (And I love that you are doing this with your MOM! FUN! That’s the kind of mom I aspire to be!)


I love turbofire!
My dad does p90x and he looks up to Tony so much, and idolizes him. Chalene is that person to me! She is my hero and I would give anything to meet her, TurboJam was great but I just wanted something more, and that's what I got. Watching that video for the first time before even working out I got so excited but my mom was a little nervous. Sometimes I feel like she just does it for me, but it is good for her to get involved, and when we finish together, there is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment. Chalene wasn't kidding when she compared it to an addiction because thats exactally what it is. I live in a small town and all their are are chip stands and confectionaries with chips, pop, chocolate bars, etc. I wish my community was more active. Just becoming more fit for myself makes me want to have others feel that way. I know I'm only 16 but I spend a lot of time thinking about my future. Chalene's workout is not only a workout but an inspiring, life changing experience! 🙂

May 26, 2012 6:35 pm

Ah girl I was already planning fun adventures at 16 so don’t think you are silly to dream. By the time I was 23 I had been to at least 20 countries so you are never too young to dream! I was excited as well when I got FIRE in the mail, I was like a kid at Christmas so stinking excited to bust it open! It was like my favorite shop coming out with my fav jeans but in a new color or something. Be the change you want to see in your community. Have you looked into being a Turbokick instructor, I’m not sure the age limits? It’s the Jam/FIRE but in a gym setting. Or Beachbody coaches often offer what we call fit clubs that you can do in your community and invite people in and all work out together. You could also head that direction if you plan on going to college- some sort of health/nutrition type degree. SO many options available for you.


Love this inspiration!!! Thank you!!!! 🙂


Thank you for the calorie counts  for each workout. I''ve had turbo fire for aw while but never knew how many calories were being burned with each workout.

January 31, 2013 8:03 am

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and
I am waiting for your next post thank you once again.


Hi, i was wondering doesn't it matter how much you weigh to determine the correct amount of calories being burned? Just wondering 


Yes, there are many factors. Your weight, intensity of the workout (your effort), your fitness level, etc… I just give this as a general idea of what I have burned doing these workouts, but you will burn differently. 🙂

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