How Many Calories Do You Burn With Brazil Butt Lift?

OK friends if you want to seriously work your bum, thighs, and abs then Brazil Butt Lift is for you! I have to be honest and say that the first time I previewed this workout I kind of blew it off thinking it wasn’t as intense as my TurboFIRE program I had been doing. Well this week I took the time to work through some of the program and let me tell you I was SORE like I haven’t been in a while. I still find that I burn more calories with the cardio in Turbo but the cardio with Brazil Butt Lift really kills my abs. The targeted abs and butt workouts will definitely have you seeing results.

Here are how many calories I burned for each program. I am 5’9”, 150 pounds, and in good shape to give you an idea about me. You will burn differently based on your body. I use a Body Bugg to measure calories burned and if you ever see that I was in the target heart rate zone (HR) for longer than the video is long it’s because I have two small kids and often have to press pause. :)

Brazil Butt Lift ‘Bum Bum‘- 152 calories burned in 35 minutes. In HR zone for 24 minutes.

Brazil Butt Lift ‘Cardio Axe’– 185 calories burned in 30 minutes. In HR zone for 26 minutes. (I have to say that if I was more coordinated I would probably have burned more, I’m a little slow with choreography sometimes!)

Brazil Butt Lift ‘Tummy Tuck‘- 27 calories in 20 minutes. Not in HR zone. You will feel this in your abs for sure the next day! It was crazy how sore I was.

Brazil Butt Lift ‘Sculpt‘- 204 calories in 48 minutes. In HR zone for 36 minutes. I started with 7 pound weights and moved down to 5 for some and up to 12 for others. Just see what works for you!

Brazil Butt Lift ‘High & Tight’– (coming soon— 5/18/12 – It’s said this for a while, my hip is acting up so I’ve had to modify my workouts so I can’t do this one right now. As soon as I am able I will do it and post my calorie burn! I’m bummed because this is a great program with swimsuit season upon me and I can’t do it! AHHH!)

If you are just researching this program your best deal is to get it as a part of a Challenge Pack to maximize your results and get it at a discounted price. You will then join in with a small group of women for accountability and I will help you through your program.

Contact me if you have any questions about your program or are looking for something new to mix things up!

Have a great day!

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so I am finishing turbo fire and thinking of doing BBL next. Do you find them comparable. I do not want to revert back to how I was before turbo fire. Did you need to add extra cardio in with the BBL or did you just reduce your calories?


I have a few women in our Turbo group who are mixing the two right now. I think that if you are going from Turbo to BBL you will def want to keep some of the cardio from Turbo in your routine. You could cut back on calories but it would be amazing to keep going with both and then really push your heart to the next level fitness wise. You can also look at ChaLEAN Extreme if you want to add more muscle and really like Chalene as a trainer. BBL will def workout your bum, and the ab workout is killer, but as a whole program my personal favorite is still TurboFIRE or ChaLEAN Extreme. If you want more info feel free to message me as well! 🙂


Just wondering if you ever calculated the calores burned for high and tight. I’ve been doing this dvd series and have been using your calculations in tracking my workouts which has been so helpful. Thank you.


I haven’t, and we are moving this weekend but next Monday I can do it for you (and my bum, lol) and get it posted! 🙂 How far into the program are you?


Thank you for posting this I have been trying to figure out how many calories were burned during these workouts Im finishing up my 5th week 🙂


Hello, I just started BBL and I'm trying to track how many calories I've burned, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. I looked into getting a heart rate monitor, but I definitely cannot afford any of the recommended brands so I bought one of the cheaper wrist watches, though I'm not sure it'll give me what I'm looking for. Is there any way to calculate how many calories I've burned on my own? 
Thanks for your help! 🙂

May 9, 2012 8:34 am

Hi Laura,
Did the watch you bought come with a heart strap? I used the Polar f4 for years- it was $100. And, actually a friend just sent a link out yesterday to get the Bodybugg for about $100 which is a KILLER deal because it’s by far the most accurate. When I used the Polar (has a chest strap) I found that it told me I was burning about 75-150 calories more per workout than I actually was. And then when I would wear it for the whole day to try and get a reading like you would with the Bodybugg it would give me numbers higher than I have ever seen myself get by measuring with the Bugg. So they are a very helpful tool, and a reality check on days I didn’t do much that I wasn’t burning as much as I thought I was. With that said- you can still make great progress by generally knowing your numbers. Did you read my posts from the last 2 Mondays ago?– Let me know if that helps. You can also drop me a note on FB or message me through here if you have more questions! I’m a numbers nerd so love talking about it!

Cynthia Reina
June 22, 2012 8:17 pm

Hi, I'm 5'2 and I weigh 182 I last weighed myself last month. I suffer from osteoarthritis and I need to lose weight. I've been working out for two months, I started doing Turbo Jam but I don't like it to much because it's too fast and she does the same routines in every workout. I started the Brazil Butt Lift and Hip Hop Abs last week and I was wondering if doing both workouts will help me lose a lot of weight. Between the two I work out 6days a week for 95 mins. The BBL has me doing two workouts which I enjoy. Ive lost weight in my upper body it's my lower body that I struggle with oh I also do some resistance training on my total body machine. I don't know how many calories I'm burning with my workouts, I just keep going… I would appreciate any advice you can give me.


when i was doing bum bum regularly about six months back, my hrm said i was burning 600+ cals per session.  i was about 235 lbs and i'm 5' 7.5"
i stopped doing bum bum for other workouts and i'm now at 199 and want to start up bum bum but lost my hrm.  not sure what to log anymore.


Yeah, it’s hard to know. I would assume you are burning a less than you did when you were 235 but by how much is hard to know. You could estimate a number and then see how you feel to make sure you are eating enough.


hi there! this is so helpful thank you so much! ok so i have two questions. do you have jillian michaels killer abs? and did you ever find the cal burn for high and tight? oh and also what heart rate monitor do you use? thanks!


Hi Sarah, I don’t have Jillian’s video but I should check it out! Right now I use a Bodybugg but I started out with a Polar f4. And I haven’t done it! 🙁


I'm still on my first week of BBL and I'm really able to feel that it's working out my muscles, I've been pretty sore in a good way! But anyway I was wondering if you'd know what training schedule you're supposed to do after your first month. Do you just repeat for the next two?


thank you for posting this. I just did the cardio axe!


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