New Year Goals: Reflect (Step 2)

January 15, 2014


It's been a few weeks into the New Year, how are you doing with your goals? For me, I don't even know if I've had proper time to evaluate what it is that I really want in order to actually set my goals for this new year. So I've decided that this year, as a way to process I will take the month of January to evaluate what I want this year to look like.

Where I think I need to start with is taking time to reflect on last year. If we never look back, how can we know what to move forward in? Or when do we actually stop and appreciate all that we have done, rather than just listing off all the areas we want to 'work on'?


I'd like to encourage you to take this week to reflect on a few questions…

1. What are your favorite memories from last year? How can you create similar moments this year?

2. What is one thing you accomplished that you are most proud of, and do you have a similar goal for this year? Was the cost of reaching that goal in line with your other priorities?

3. Is there any skill or subject you would like to become better at this year? What books, trainings, or education can you schedule in so that a year from now you have learned more? (You can start small, imagine what reading just 1 book a month would to do!)

4. What kind of season are you in right now and is it the right time to start something new? For example, I have a baby coming in 6 weeks, that changes things in my world A LOT!!! I need to be wise in the goals I set for the next year. Much of my time will be spent catching up on sleep, changing diapers, and nursing the baby. When I think about that in light of how busy I already am, taking on something new needs to be 'easy'. Something that doesn't require much from me emotionally as I will be giving out so much to my family. By 'easy' I don't mean worthless, but it would be unwise to set a goal to learn something that will require a ton of time and be a stretch for my personality.

5. Weight loss. It seems like weight loss is the category most people talk about wanting work on, getting healthier is on everyone's minds. But if we don't reflect on how we spend our time we will easily fall back into old habits. Assess where you are and where you would like to be. If you are not happy with your health why is that? Was it because you didn't have enough time? Too busy? Just being lazy? Stress eating? Etc…If we don't reflect we can't make educated goals for the future.

These are just a few of the questions I will be processing as I start out the year. I hope that this also helps you get clarity on what you want your year to look like!

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Ah, beautiful friend! I watched the video just to see you talk. Thanks for the tips. Love you! 


Ah girl I miss you! Can’t wait to cross the ocean and sit in your house and chat!


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